About Us

Richard W. Lensis founded Energy Masters of Virginia in 2010. Quite simply, Richard is passionate about making our client's homes as efficient and comfortable as possible. He is fascinated by the science of “high performance homes”, and is an endless source of information on the subject. When our clients have a concern that requires a highly technical answer, we commonly refer to it as a “Richard Question” in our office.  And it’s no wonder he is capable of providing the answers to almost any construction related question – not only is he a Class A Builder with over 30 years of experience, but a Certified RESNET HERS Rater, an NAHB Research Center Verifier, and a LEED For Homes Rater.

Richard loves to spend time with his family, and understands how important providing a comfortable, healthy home for your loved ones is to you. He practices what he preaches too – he conducted a Home Energy Audit on his own home, and made the necessary improvements to make it more energy efficient to operate and comfortable to live in. And you know what? It worked. His average electric bill has decreased by 30%. The second floor of his home is A LOT more comfortable too. And I should know – because I’m his wife :-) . You can rest assured with Energy Masters of Virginia that you’re working with a family owned and operated business that’s dedicated to providing our clients in the Northern Virginia area with the most personalized customer service, and the best final results for their home – no matter what the project entails.

We’d love to hear from you, and welcome any questions you may have about our services, credentials, and capabilities. Thanks for checking out our Energy Masters of Virginia website!

Stacy Lensis, Account Manager

Energy Masters of Virginia specializes in the following services in Northern Virginia:

  • Full Scale Home Energy Audits - to include Blower Door Testing, Infrared Camera Testing, and Duct Blaster Testing
  • In Home Consulting for High Performance Homes
  • LEED for Homes Inspections, Verifications and Certifications
  • FHA Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM) Ratings
  • EPA Indoor airPLUS Certifications
  • NAHB Research Center Verifications and Certifications
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