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From Home Energy Audits to full-service home performance contracting, we offer a range of services to help you start making your home more comfortable, more efficient and affordable, and healthier, today. We also work with new home builders in the Northern Virginia (NoVA) area to provide NAHB Research Center Building verifications and certifications, EcoSeal insulation installations, and LEED for Homes inspections, verifications, and documentation.


Conducting Home Energy Audits in Northern Virginia

Home Energy Audits:
Great Information for Existing Homes

Chances are, you're spending much more on utility bills than you need to be.  A home energy audit gives you the opportunity to fix that.  Using the latest technology, including a blower door to assess air leakage and infrared thermography, a comprehensive home energy audit will point out leaks in your home's thermal envelope, deficiencies in insulation, and other opportunities to stop heat loss and reduce energy consumption, while improving the comfort and safety of your home. In addition to recommending fixes to reduce energy, we'll also evaluate carbon monoxide safety, mold and other air quality isssues and improvements to temperature and lighting comfort. Our comprehensive audit report will include a prioritized list of potential improvements, and an estimate of the savings our recommended work will likely lead to.

Conducting Blower Door testing in Northern Virginia (NoVA)

Blower Door Testing

Blower door testing is a way to test the "leakiness" of your home. By depressurizing your home and measuring the rate at which air infiltrates through imperfections in the building envelope, we're able to assess how much energy (and money) is escaping through air leaks, and how much you're likely to save by fixing those leaks. As part of this process, we will inspect the house with a smoke stick to pinpoint potentially hidden air leaks (making it much easier to address them when the time comes to get to work). We also offer blower door testing as an isolated service to test the effectiveness of improvements that have been made to a home, and to provide homeowners and contractors with a roadmap to further improve a home's efficiency moving forward.

Infrared Diagnostics Image

Infrared Diagnostics

Having your home evaluated with an infrared scanner sheds valuable light on the effectiveness of your home's thermal envelope. An infrared scanner reveals hidden air leaks and areas where insulation isn't performing, and can also yield some interesting surprises -- such as where an uninsulated hot water pipe or recessed lights may be contributing to an ice dam, for an example. It's a valuable part of any good home energy audit, and a step that we guarantee to take with thoroughness and precision (although our experience tells us that it can also be a fun part of the energy audit for homeowners).

In Home Green Consulting in Northern Virginia (NoVa)

In Home Consulting

You may only want to schedule a one hour in home consultation with one of our Certified RESNET HERS Raters - which is essentially a one hour walk through and initial consultation with you. You'll be asked about areas of your home that are uncomfortable, your utility costs, and other problems you may be having your home. The fee for this service is $99. A report will be submitted to you after this consultation, with a plan for moving forward with either a full scale Home Energy Audit to pinpoint specific issues, or simply a plan to perform the recommended improvements.

Home Performance Contracting in Northern Virginia (NoVA)

Home Performance Contracting

Home performance contracting includes looking at everything from lighting to insulation, from the boiler in your basement to the air sealing in your attic, to solve everything from moisture problems to energy waste and beyond. A relatively new field grown out of an increased awareness of the need to address the poor performance of our existing homes, the goal of home performance contracting is to fix them.  Whether we are air sealing your attic, caulking your windows and doors, or repairing the ductwork in your attic - the improvements will be handled efficiently and professionally. The result is a home that is more durable, more comfortable, more energy efficient and better for the environment and future generations—exactly how a home should be.

LEED for Homes Certification

A LEED-certified home is designed and constructed in accordance with the rigorous guidelines of the LEED for Homes building certification program. LEED for Homes is a consensus-developed, third party-verified, voluntary rating system which promotes the design and construction of high-performance homes. We have a LEED Rater * and two Certified RESNET HERS Raters on staff, and can work with our clients during the design and construction stages to make sure the home will qualify for one of the several levels the USGBC LEED for Homes program has developed: Certified, Silver, Gold and Platinum. It is important for anyone wishing to build a USGBC LEED home to meet during the design stage with a Rater to make sure that the building will qualify for the level desired. All levels of USGBC LEED homes must achieve the US EPA ENERGY STAR certification. This is why the Rater must also be a Certified Home Energy Rater so that only one testing agent must be hired, the Rater, to conduct all the tests and to file all the required paperwork. In short, without the Rater, a home cannot become a LEED home.

NAHB Research Center Home Verifications

Have your home or development project certified by the National Association of Home Builders. As a NAHB Research Center's National Building Certification Program-accredited third-party Verifier, Richard Lensis of Energy Masters of Virginia can help guide you through the process and verify that the design and construction of your project meets the criteria of the National Building Standard.


EcoSeal Insulation Installations

As a qualified EcoSeal insulation installer, we can provide high-performance air infiltration protection at only a fraction of the cost of other alternatives like traditional foam. Among this product's many benefits are: air leakage resistance exceeds EPA Energy Star requirements, it is water based and contains no solvents, and there are no hazardous VOCs released while curing.